A report from Balder Blog on February 16th had reported that the “left-wing & emancipatory House Project” were violently attacked. This is project is run by the Anti-Fascist Action or, ‘Antifa’. Rather than being attacked by Neo-Nazis or Fascists, this group of pro-immigration, pro-multiculturalism, and anti-Westerners were beaten by a Kurdish gang known as ‘Street Fighters’. These thugs were demanding ‘protection money’ from the other group of thugs, Antifa.



“Several attacks on residents show that they are serious. Friday night, early Saturday, a group of 30 young Kurds attacked party guests who were celebrating the house in Schererstrasse 8 in Berlin with baseball bats.

The following night two musicians who were about to perform in Schererstrasse 8 were attacked.”

How ironic is it that the loudest proponents of mass third world immigration into Germany were violently attacked by an immigrant gang.