The fact that religious experience manifests itself in an entirely unmiraculous way does not diminish the reality of religious experience. In fact, it strengthens it. Why? First of all — and this is simply a tedious method of proving that an effect requires a cause — this sort of brain activity is not random. Your amygdala — the part of the brain that controls fear and anxiety — does not randomly ‘turn off’. It turns off in response to the chemical oxytocin released during orgasm (which is why it is impossible to feel fear during that particular event. (In somewhat of a cosmic joke, this also happens during the act of sneezing. (Triple parentheses, alriiigghht…))) But the man who would say, “the good feeling of sex is just the shutting down of your amygdala, and therefore you aren’t really having sex” is on the exact same plane of logic as the atheist who says, “the feeling of religious experience is just the result of decreased activity in your right parietal lobe, therefore you’re not really having a religious experience.”