1. Cracked är fortfarande roligast på internet.



2. En diskussion om Gilad Shalit på View from the Right urartade till en diskussion om evolutionär psykologi.

3. The Thinking Housewife:

I grew up in a reading household with no TV in the 1960s and 70s when, even then, TV was dominating many homes. I married a man who is extremely intelligent but who spent many hours in front of the TV as a child. He had what I consider to be an impoverished childhood even though his parents were college educated.

I’ve written here before about our son who didn’t read fluently until the age of 13 but because we read great books together his vocabulary was phenomenal. When he did finally begin to read he jumped to an adult level quickly and became a fluent and gifted writer because his mind was filled with rich imagery.

I speak and write on the subject of reading aloud and the importance of being a word filled people. Neurodevelopmentalists have studied the brain and how to stimulate it and they have found that the brain functions best when it hears or sees words and imagines/pictures what those words are saying. Doing this stimulates chemicals in the brain and creates new neuropathways. Did you get that? Words that are pictured by the mind cause physical changes to the brain! When we watch images (such as movies) we short cut the way the brain is designed to function because the brain is no longer required to visualize the image.

4. På Out of Sleep diskuteras det huruvida man kan argumentera med liberaler, eller om liberalism är något man vaknar upp ifrån. Samma fråga här.

How difficult this is for me to remember. And I have no excuse for not remembering this, because that’s exactly how it happened for me. No one sat me down and explained to me exactly how logically absurd my worldview was. I would never have listened… and had I listened I certainly would not have heard.

Of course, some people did try to explain things. And as they did I pitied them for their childishness, or raged against them in their ignorance, depending on my mood or the situation.

No, instead I awoke… am still awaking (I hope and pray to awaken more). I am not awake, but at least my eyes are no longer squinched totally shut. (And a great deal of psychic effort it takes to squinch those psychic eyes, I tell you! What a relief to let the orbital bones of the soul have a little rest.)

4.5 ”Liberalism is a coalitional ideology: when you spend all your time attacking and ruining every institution that offers people a sense of identity — nation, religion, the family, etc. — what is there left except the common brotherhood of aggressors?” *

5. Dawkins fortsätter att gömma sig från David Lane Craig.

6. Lite lulz för att väga upp allt tråk.