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”Depression is a combination of thoughts.
people make designs, first combinations, second, third …
They speculate, it’s going to be like this or like that,
when in fact none of this is going to happen.
They complicate and spoil their own mood.
Besides, they believe it’s someone
else’s fault they’re gloomy,
a fault of somebody they’ve met before.
It wasn’t someone else’s fault,
you yourself spoiled your mood.
Each person carries their own burden.

If you visit somebody of your own family
and you are gloomy,
everything went wrong for you that day,
You pass on your state of mind to your neighbour,
you’ll spoil their mood.
It’s all your fault.
You did it to yourself and to everybody in your home.
If you visit another friend, you’ll spoil his mood as well.
Your thoughts radiate from you
and your neigbour is a mind receiver
He’s influenced by the bad thoughts you carry with you.
Afterwards he may say:
”It would’ve been better if he hadn’t come to visit me.””

The monk who experienced two mental breakdowns
Father Tadej