Contrary to the currently fashionable multiculturalism, it might be pointed out here that no multicultural society – and especially no democratic one – has ever worked peacefully for very long […] Working back from the present, look at the record:

Eritrea, ruled by Ethiopia since 1952, splits off in 1993; Czechoslovakia, founded in 1918, splits into Czech and Slovak ethnic components in 1993; Soviet Union, splits into multiple ethnic components in 1991, and many of these components are threatened with further ethnic fragmentation; Yugoslavia, founded in 1918, splits into several ethnic components in 1991, and further breakup is still underway; Lebanon, founded 1920, effective partition of Christians and Muslims (under Syrian domination) since 1975; Cyprus, independent since 1960, effective partition of Greek and Turkish territories in 1974; Pakistan, independent since 1947, ethnically distinct Bangladesh splits off in 1971; Malaysia, independent since 1963, Chinese-dominated Singapore is expelled in 1965. The list goes on with cases, which have not yet been resolved: India, and the Sikhs and Kashmiris; Sri Lanka, and the Tamils; Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and the Kurds; Sudan, Chad, and the Arabs versus Blacks; Nigeria, and the Ibos; Ulster, and the Catholics versus the Protestants; Belgium, and the Flemish versus the Walloons; Italy, and the German-speaking South Tyrolians; Canada, and the French versus the English.

Från Democracy – the god that failed: the economics & politics of monarchy, democracy & natural order av Hans-Hermann Hoppe.