"...have you looked outside?"
"Yeah, it's a little snowy."
"No, I mean at the people. Have you looked at the people?"
"Well, sure, I mean -"
"Nah, you haven't really looked, I can tell. You haven't looked into their eyes. They're not human, you know."
"Not human? Who?"
"The Swedes. They're from some alien planet, some piece of jagged rock out past Pluto where the sun never shines and the body temperature is sixty-point-two and the words love, compassion, and human kindness have no meaning."
"But I thought -"
"Yeah, we all thought. It's bullshit. Hell, I shoulda stayed in the jungle. The Viet Cong at least show a little emotion when they kill you. Here it's just slow death...."

- Terry Tarnoff, The Bone Man of Benares