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The New Water

”Once upon a time a wiseman said
that the day would come when
all the water in the world
except for what had been specially
collected would dissapear.
and then different water whould replace it

but anyone one who drank the new water
whould loose his mind.

Only one man took the prophecy seriously
and began to store up water

But the day that had been predicted did not come
and every body of water emptied out

The man who had listened to the wise man
drank water from his supply.

And then the bodies of waters and wells
filled up with water again
People thirstily drank this water
and everyone of them went crazy.

But the man who had listened to the wise man
continued to drink water only from his own supply
and kept his sanity.

And he was the only sane person left, among the madmen
and therefore, he was called crazy
and then he poured his reservoirs of real water, the old water
onto the ground
and he drank the new water and lost his mind.

And the madmen decided that he had become sane.”

persian sufis