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The European community of Man has been at war for its survival against the rest of the world for thousands of years–beginning with the ancient Persians and their invasions of Greece, the Mongol Horde and, for the last 1400 years, the Muslims, who last tried to invade Europe militarily in 1529. The Siege of Vienna was lifted not by the Austrians, but by the Poles. The conflict ended in 1683–long after European colonization of the New World had begun. If they did not see themselves as white men helping to defend white Europe from non-white invaders, why did they lift the siege? In point of fact, beginning with Charlemagne, the Europeans fought numerous crusades to prevent the Muslim hordes from conquering white Europe. (…)

One generation of European genes in Africans or Asians will, over ensuing generations, be effectively wiped out, whereas one generation of African or Asian genes in Europeans effectively wipes out the ability to produce red heads, blue or green eyes and largely blond hair–not to mention all the shades therein.

We are, in point of fact, the world’s minority. Once 20% of the earth’s people, today we are a mere 7%. It is our culture that gave birth to virtually all known inventions of the world–going thousands of years. This was only possible due to our belief in an absolute truth–that which gave birth to science. We are the only peoples in the world who had/have this belief. This is now and has been, under assault by the Left for sometime. Absolute truths negate the idea that man can simply make them up as he sees fit and change the world accordingly. This absolute truth, nestled in the belief in an absolute Creator above the laws of man, is what gave birth to our Constitution and the idea of rights that no man could morally take away. This is an absolute necessity to the whole idea of individual freedom.

Only a non-thinking fool would think race and culture have nothing in common–how else can one explain the divergency of cultures and their view of the world that dominate in each of the three main phenotypes? No where else in the world did the idea of individual freedom and of inherent equality come into existence except for Western Europe. No where else in the world does the idea of treating women as more than cattle exist. No where else in the world does the idea of humane treatment of animals exist–nor of humane killing and warfare, or of protecting children from those who would exploit or otherwise harm them. These are purely Western cultural mores. Though there are many national ethnicities in Europe, they should be seen as regional cultural norms and thus a subset of European culture as a whole–not a denial of “whiteness” in general. They all contain the same basic precept of what civilization means.