Why are we so attracted to prophecies of doom, from religious raptures to environmental collapse?”

”Cognitively, there are several processes at work, starting with the fact that our brains are pattern-seeking belief engines. Consider this evolutionary thought experiment. You are a hominid on the plains of Africa 3 million years ago. You hear a rustle in the grass. Is it just the wind or is it a dangerous predator? If you assume it is a predator but it turns out that it is just the wind, you have made what is called a type I error in cognition, also known as a false positive, or believing something is real when it is not. You connected A, the rustle in the grass, to B, a dangerous predator, but no harm. On the other hand, if you assume that the rustle in the grass is just the wind but it turns out that it is a dangerous predator, you have made a type II error in cognition, also known as a false negative, or believing something is not real when it is. You failed to connect A to B, and in this case you’re lunch.”

Vackert förklarat av ”Michael gollum Shermer”….

Många av dagens Doomar innebär total utplåning av hela mänskligheten(t.ex. asteroid, zombievirus). Är då denna sorts Doom bara en extrem form av att höra tigrar i den susande säven, när det inte finns någonstans att fly till..?