Running through life at a frantic pace, living in the ‘now’, we often remain ignorant of those natural phenomena that take place over longer time scales (especially with the majority of our lives now also spent indoors). ”The wheels of the cosmos turn too slowly for humans to watch”, says José Francisco Salgado in the trailer to his upcoming feature Sidereal Motion. ”Until now.” With the advent of digital cameras, the art of time-lapse photography has risen to new heights. Through the lens of these artists we can see what the world might look like to a consciousness that perceives things over long time-scales: vehicles and people swarming like ants or insects, clouds that move like oceans and rivers, and the billions of fixed stars in deep space that sweep into view as our planet revolves throughout the night, a real-life Total Perspective Vortex.

Here’s ten exquisite time-lapse videos that have made my jaw drop to the floor, listed in no particular order. Make sure you select the HD and full-screen options if possible!