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more astaahri;    frommah biblica, altes estamenti

Sons of Noa

”Man was born as man, man is just man.
So man evolved into whatever.
Man gre. Man was one man.
Then God say,
”How we gonna make you procreate?”
So him make next man but a diffrent
kind of man, call it ”woman”,
wich is from man.
So the two of them must come togerher
to carry on the life of man,
so them procreate and more people
come with different minds.
There was one mind,
but the Devil want to try
and do anything God can do,
so him make more minds,
so you have different minds.
Ham, Shem and Japheth are three
different minds, three different people.
Ham get the curse.”

Friend of marleyyy bob