European Commissioners opine that “Immigration Is Moral Necessity” and “Islam Is Welcome.” A French President predicts that “Arabic Is the Language of the Future.”  A Moroccan becomes Mayor of Rotterdam. Europeans who wish to assert their ethnic identity and interests versus those of aliens are roughed up.

Part 1

What we need is to reconstitute as a tribe, with its own culture, totems and taboos (which will be explored in subsequent installments).  We need to realize that the overwhelming majority of the nonwhite minorities in our countries act as tribes, and our white Pod elites act as pathfinders and enforcers for these tribes, against us.


Democracy is a white people’s invention, and it works only in a society grounded in classical European ideas, with elaboration by late 18th century Euro-Americans. But American conservatives, equally with Euroleftists, propped the doors open for the whole world, and forgot that the world, whites excepted, is tribal. And when you let the tribes of the world into your country, in time your electoral process will be identical to that of Mexico or Somalia.

The Man of Steel, or stalin in Russian, had a variety of other clever insights. He said, among others, “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” And what did the conservatives do?

They left American education – for 40 years!– to the Gramscian Long March of non-orgasmic females with hairy legs, Mexican reconquistadores, blacks obsessed with their blackness, and white Marxists or masochist dhimmis.  As a result, America’s schools have been turning out generation after generation of young green foaming pods who have gone on to jobs, political careers, media-positions through which they turned the whole country around toward a future America will share with Bolivia.

Part 2

The Oslo Syndrome is a term coined by a Harvard psychiatrist, Kenneth Levin, in his book The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege. It’s a neurosis of a besieged people, unable to withstand the continuous pressure and accepting the indictments of the besiegers in the hope of winning relief and peace. This is the psychological process by which Israel’s deluded leaders embraced Yasser Arafat in 1993 as “peace partner,” even as he was waging war upon them and promising in Arabic to eradicate the Jewish state while promising peace in English.

During the 1993 Oslo accords, Levin quotes, “enlightened Israelis were affected with a Messianic craze – they believed that the end of the old Middle East, the end of history, the end of wars and the end of conflict was near. They fooled themselves with delusions, bedazzled into committing an act of Messianic drunkenness.”

And so, by way of Stockholm and Oslo, we come to the suicide of the West, the Stoslo Syndrome. It can be defined as a hallucinatory delusion that wars, strife, hate, racism and poverty can end by the West’s unilateral capitulation before that part of the world that’s far more bellicose, strife-torn, racist, poorer, primitive, tribal and lawless, but far less developed, educated, tolerant, ENLIGHTENED.


It’s the Oslo syndrome because the West’s obsession with “diversity and tolerance” is an act of Messianic drunkenness, of mass folly with hardly a precedent in history. It is Oslo when Great Britain shelters jihadis so fanatical that they have been expelled by Saudi Arabia, or refuses to deport a rabid Al-Qaeda mullah for fear he will suffer abuse in a Muslim country asking for his extradition.


There are probably 30 millions Muslims in Western Europe and perhaps 6 million in North America. But there are maybe 300 million leftists in Western Europe, and over 68 million Americans, 53% of votes cast, voted for the leftist Messiah and erstwhile Indonesian madrassa pupil. And no effective counter-jihad action will be possible when every agent of mayhem, chaos, social deterioration and economic calamity is being sheltered by giant crowds of Body Snatchers, Pods, dhimmis, traitors and idiots.


But during the “coldest winter” of the Korean War, exactly 58 years ago, General Oliver P. Smith, the commander of the 1st Marine Division (USMC) directed the breakout of his forces from their encirclement at the Chosin Reservoir. It took a 70-mile fighting march in subzero weather through enemy lines to the seaport of Hungnam.
When asked if the Marines were retreating, Gen. Smith responded, ”Retreat? Hell, we’re attacking in a different direction!” During that encirclement, one of Smith’s officers, Colonel and later legendary USMC general himself, Lewis Puller, said to his soldiers, “Remember, you are the 1st Marines! Not all the Communists in Hell can overrun you!”
Nor can all the legume Pods in Hell overcome a small group of thinking, united Western people of sound character, minds grounded in traditional wisdom and learning, staunchly determined to refuse to partake in Pod society’s problems and their “solutions.”

Part 3

Your first duty is to yourself. Your second duty is to your family. Your third duty is to your (real) friends. Your fourth duty is to your nation. If you live in a multicultural society, your fourth duty is to your tribe; your fifth one is to your nation. Your sixth duty is to humanity. Your seventh duty is to Planet Earth. All these duties coexist, and none may be pursued without proportional regard for the others. Proportional is the operative word. 

Situations will arise in your life when the above order does not hold. You will need instinct and wisdom to know when to rearrange this ladder of priorities, why and how. But never follow a teaching that changes this order as its starting premise. 

Part 4

Life is unfair. It cannot be made fair by reengineering society, which is the Body Snatchers’ sacred project. It cannot be made fair by giving everyone a subhonest mortgage loan and putting a flat-panel import TV in every parlor. Both the left and what passes for the right lie about this.

If I go along with the government’s scheme to redistribute my earnings to you, will you give me a piece of your chiseled cheekbones in return?  Cheekbones, talent, charisma are all distributed “unfairly,” you know, and they are as good as money in the bank.

It’s Western Civilization that’s God’s equalizing gift. If you play Mozart’s music in your shop, you will make better cabinets. Even cows yield better milk with Mozart. So, first, chuck all those rap CDs. Forget about the stupid Associate degree the Snatchers will give you if you just enroll in their stupid Multicultural Studies program at their stupid Community College.

Part 5