Around 100 Russian Orthodox believers protested in Moscow against a concert to be given by the US singer Madonna, symbolically driving a stake through a picture of the superstar.

Speaking to protesters, the head of a radical Orthodox group, Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, declared that Madonna was ”under the influence of the devil”.

The Union of Orthodox Church Banner-Bearers announced a contest for the project of a Church of New Russian Martyrs and Confessors in the Red Square to replace Lenin’s Mausoleum.

”Revival of Russia is impossible until the occult lab for destroying will and conscience of Russian people remains in the very heart of Moscow ”the Third Rome.” To this end, the Mausoleum should be destructed, body of the world proletarian leader should be taken away, this place should be consecrated and an Orthodox Church should be constructed at this place,” the Union’s Head Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich has told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Friday.

He has already presented the first contest project and suggested building a small copy of Yekaterinburg Church-on-the-Blood erected at the site of the last Russian emperor’s execution instead of ”the main world Satan temple.”

Activists of the Union of Orthodox Banner-bearers buried Darwinism and atheism in a symbolic act in defense of teaching Basic Orthodox Culture in school, in Slavic Square in Moscow last Sunday afternoon.

“Our action means the death of Darwinism as militant godlessness and a victory over all its followers and academics, who in their messages oppose the Orthodox Church and Orthodox culture”, Yury Ageschev, a coordinator of the Union of the Orthodox Banner-bearers and Union of Orthodox Brotherhood, said in a talk with an Interfax correspondent.

The banner-bearers drove the stake in the monkey’s chest. As Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the head of the union, explained to onlookers, “it is exactly how satanic cults were punished in old times”.

Then the banner-bearers carried the monkey’s coffin on their shoulders behind Sts Cyril and Methodius’s monument, promising to bury it some place outside the city. “Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories”, Simonovich-Nikshich said.

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