Helt genialisk dokumentär som påminner om spelfilmerna Slacker, Clerks och kanske Fight Club i viss mån.

The Parking Lot Movie is a documentary about a one-of-a-kind parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia and the select group of parking lot attendants that inhabit its microcosm. The attendants are undergraduate and graduate students, artists, musicians, intellectuals, philosophers, and marginal characters all working under the banner of parking lot chief Chris Farina and his easygoing wisdom and acumen.

A strange rite of passage for all involved – everything from cars and license plates, class struggles, capitalism, anger, justice, drunkenness, and awareness receive daily scrutiny and detailing. The intersection between the status quo and the quest for freedom becomes the challenge. In the end, something as simple as a parking lot becomes an emotional way station for the American Dream.

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