”Tunisia, cuts off passage through the Mediterranean which is access to Israel

Lybia backs up that blockage, then Egypt, the last stronghold.

Yemen blocks passage through the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea

Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria both complete the surrounding of Israel and complete cutoff of access by water.

updated: Algeria has also joined, which is close to the entrance to the Mediterranean and next to Tunisia

updated: Iran can control access through the Gulf of Oman which is the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

as you can see there is much more going on here than just revolution, the Middle East is cleansing all the Western-backed nations.

THINK ABOUT IT, if you were a general, and you saw the pieces on the map changing, what would you think?

so get out your google earth and see it for yourself, Israel is about to become the most paranoid dangerous nation in the world…. whatever end times scenario you believe in, it definitely starts here.


well well, what do we have here? you guys need to get better at making your points, i’m being proven right in real time, this realease 20 min ago….

”Israel is extremely concerned about the situation in Egypt because President Hosni Mubarak has preserved the peace treaty between the two countries for 30 years. Israel considers the treaty a strategic asset, and it fears that a regime change in Egypt could put the peace agreement in danger.

Israeli analyst Yoni Ben-Menachem says an Egyptian government led by opposition groups or the Muslim Brotherhood would take a harder line on Israel.

”It might be a hostile regime to Israel that will not respect the peace treaty with Israel and will cancel it, abolish this agreement, and we will go back to a situation of hostility between Israel and Egypt,” said Ben-Menachem.

That would complicate Israel’s situation strategically, because it already shares two borders with hostile elements: Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. And Ben-Menachem believes neighboring Jordan could be next. ””