”A few years ago I read an article on imagination and how far it can go when properly stimulated. I am unable to locate it now and was wondering if any of you have seen something similar that I can draw from?

The article basically stated that mankind is only capable of imagining 5% further than what they’re already seen. Mankind’s brain only reaches slightly beyond what we’ve already experienced.

Has anybody heard of this concept before? The article was actually quite in depth and spoke of a large team of scientists that took a control group into a set environment and tested them on all matter of things they had witnesses, scene in photos, read about in books, or heard about from other sources. Then, they introduced the group to topics and pictures that they had never seen before. The scientists asked the pepole to expand their thoughts of the topics. Dream of changes to the pictures, imagine greater, expand the concept they were just introduced to. What they found is that the control group was capable of expanding the topics, imagining changes, etc., that was just less than 5% more broad than anything they had ever seen before. Some of the people weren’t even capable of any changes. Only the highest inteligence in the bunch were able to reach just below 5% new uniqueness to the topics.

Have any of you ever heard of this?”

if true, så måste internet(105% av sådant man hört talas om) bidra till att vi inom nåt litet år hamnar i nån slags fantasi-omega-point, där allt redan är fantiserat. om jag kan ta min virtuella grannes fantasi ggr 105% och blogga detta till internet-eowan räcker snart inte matematiken till.

∞, ftw.