Läser just nu ”While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within”. Kan inte påstå att jag håller med författaren om allt, men boken är fan mer skrämmande än Lovecraft! [torrent här]

Yes, there are bad kids everywhere, in every ethnic and religious group—kids who are rebelling against their parents’ authority and values. That’s not what’s going on in Europe today. These marauding kids don’t reject their parents’ values—in all too many cases, they embody them. While their sisters, as a rule, were being trained in submission— and to walk an extremely narrow line if they didn’t want to be beaten—these boys were being raised to be belligerent. They were taught that God had given them authority over women and made them superior to infidels. They were taught that they owed no deference to any unbeliever—whether teacher, police officer, or government official— because in the eyes of God, no non-Muslim has a legitimate right to occupy a position of power over Muslims. To them, the infidels’ ”law” is a joke, and values such as pluralism, tolerance, and sexual equality are alien and immoral. They see Western society as the enemy, European men as wimps, European women as sluts. Their supreme shared value is a primitive cult of honor, according to which if your daughter dates a Norwegian boy, she damages the family’s honor and merits death, but if your son rapes a Norwegian girl, it’s her fault. Given such training, it’s little wonder that gang violence and mayhem are a growing problem across the Continent.