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”..are you aware that in the ballentines law dictionary 1948 edition, if you look up the word human being go to a law library or to a large library
look up ballentines law dictionary
look up the word human being and it will say
see monster, so, you look up the word monster
i whish i would have brought it so i could have shown it to you
and it says a monster is like a man or a woman
but its a human being, meaning lesser than a man and a woman
therefore it can not aaa inherit land,
it has certain thins it can not do because its not a man or woman, its a human being

the whole idea of words and terms
for instance when you go into a court room,
why do they call it a court room
why do they say that your going there for justice
when the very word justice comes from the emperor Justinian
Justinian aa whatever his decisions was, that was justice
so today we have justice…

incidentally are you aware of the fact that the word
we have something in america called a system of justice,
we have an educational system, judicial system
a governmental system
how many people are aware that the word system
is a latin word comes from a latin word in the roman empire for the swear
the sewer in ancient rome was merely referred to in latin as the system

and so today in american we are proud to say that we have a system.”

Jordan Maxwell