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“… see my confirmation and we were warned by the nuns and by the priest;

– If the bishop asks you if you have any questions, if you ask any, you know you’re gonna get hurt, just keep your mouths shut and sit and play dumb. Okay so the bishop ask the children;

-Do you have any questions?

So I rise my hand, nobody else did, I raised my hand;

– Yes I’w got a question, Can I .., my father works with torches … he’s like a welder, can I take a torch and burn a spirit, burn an angel?


-Why not, would it hurt him if I burnt him?

-Well no

-Why not?

-Well cause you can’t burn a spirit

-Why not?

-Well because fire is a natural phenomenon it has to have something like wood or paper or something to burn, you can’t burn a spirit.

– Well why am I worrying about going to hell if my spirit can’t burn?”

Jordan Maxwell