“Elites … that word elite is very interesting it comes from the.. from an ancient semitic word for god el. which is actually, goes back to an ancient, far more ancient … word il, il, ili, illis, ills, illis the illies of the illies, were the gods, and the gods were always to rule from on high, so this is from where we get the word hill, they’re up on the hill, its a matter of fact in the roman empire, cesars seat of power … for the cesars of rome was said to be on top of capitol hill, or capitoinilhill.. and today we still have.. people in america who see themselfes as gods and ceasars ruling from on capitol hill with their senate nothing ..has more rehepreible to me than political power, I’m totally turned off by the word Authority … i don’t like authority, it implies the word Author, and immediately i question, Who Wrote the Law?”